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A complete step by step guide on how to be more present through conscious action

You are not your limitations or anxieties about the future and the past.
Your story can be re-written and there are tools and ways in which you can take conscious action towards creating a different life and manifesting all your wishes and desires.

We could all do with a coach, a skiing coach, a personal trainer, a business coach. A coach that guides you through your own health and happiness.

In this book you will find a complete set of tools and exercises to connect with who you truly are NOW.
With all your strengths, your dreams and desires, your present moment and this instant.

Become aligned with your highest self

With what you truly want and desire
With the voice that speaks from your true self
From a place of love instead of fear

Create from a place of abundance and presence

Manifest your deepest desires
Make your dreams your present reality
Cultivate self-worth and confidence

Live in this instant

Rewire yourself to live in the present moment
Practice coming back to this instant
Make this your new habit



4 reviews for YOU ARE THIS INSTANT

  1. Monika Bohdzia

    I really enjoyed your this book. Very light and quick read, nice wording and great summary of what is important. It is kind of subconscious coaching that brings lightness to the darker side of us. Can’t wait to read another book written by Sol.

  2. Camila Garchitorena

    Like a fruit that falls from the tree at the right moment, Soledad came into my life, to help me to see my darkness, and convert it after long processes into pure light. In the same way, her book came into my hands at the moment I needed it, in search of more calm, in search of total presence in the present moment, with the right words, with serenity and the advice of her own experience… I’m not even halfway through the book yet and I already feel that change in me, that divine and constant transformation. Forever you will be for me a being of light that life gave me. I recommend to each person everything that she does with a lot of effort, both her book and her accompaniment as a health coach. (and many more things that I have not yet discovered for sure)
    As you told me many times to me, I would like to say it to you. YOU DESERVE IT ALL 🤍

  3. Marcos

    Muy nutritivo, lo recomiendo.

  4. facundo facundo

    Hola esta muy bueno el libro

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