Health and Wellness coach


viewing your health as a whole

Your health is not just one thing. Preventative health includes taking care of (and improving) your nutrition, habits, movement, stress management, relationships, career, spirituality, and joy.

Integrating and balancing all areas of your life is possible – and you can start today!

“Nothing is predestined. The obstacles of your life can become the gateways that lead to new beginnings.” – Ralph Blum 


  • Assessing your needs with a one-on-one discovery call
  • Creating a unique coaching program just for you
  • Building trust and honest communication between us
  • Offering a safe and loving space to be yourself
  • Helping you build a loving relationship with food and with your body
  • Detoxing from judgement towards yourself and others
  • Coaching to develop your understanding of gut health, inflammation, and the gut-brain connection
  • A holistic approach to building a mindful life with calmness and peace
  • Approaching movement and physical activity in a whole new way
  • Building together a system of support to continue your journey
  • Creating together the balanced, healthy and wealthy lifestyle you’ve always wanted

Other additional take aways:

• A private facebook group to create further accountability between your colleagues and peers

• Recipes to take home ~ Whole clean foods for different body types

• Access to all of our working material for a lifetime

• 20% discount on future workshops

• 150 NZ discount on a renewal program with me

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