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First, a bit about myself and my background:


vision board turns into reality
The day before the book launch, getting ready for my dream happening

Well, I am a bit of both worlds, business/ entrepreneur, and holistic/ spiritual self.

I have a major in economics and business, and I’ve trained to become a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach in NY, USA. In my late 20’s I travelled to India to complete my Yoga and meditation Instructor certificate and continued to explore both the teachings and the practice (for life).


Having a passion for wellness, taking care of my body/self and all those around me since I was a kid, I discovered that being a health coach was indeed my dream job. And continued my professional development to become an International Certified Health Coach, and a certified health coach and member of HCANZA-AC.


I would say however, that as a kid I dreamt with making a difference, specially, helping other kids and people in need, and wishing that one day I could share with them and be of service to everyone having a happy, healthy life.

I guess I was a very fortunate kid. With more than my basics covered and living in south America back then. I wanted to share my blessings with those that did not have the same opportunities that I had growing up… and…in came the writing. Writing has always been my most powerful way of expressing myself. And creating. I used to love writing essays and every time I saw a movie that involved an author or heard about a success story of a woman becoming a best-selling author, a little voice inside me would whisper “one day…one day, you will write your own book” (well, maybe it did say best seller, but I am trying to keep it humble lol)


I will never forget when I heard about Joanne Rowling (J.K ROWLING) author of Harry Potter and how she used to story tell this saga to her kids, then wrote the story, blurb, and pitch on pieces of paper she carried on a suitcase while being in the benefit and rejected a dozen times…until. Until magic happened.


And I want to say. I do believe in magic. I believe in dreams. I believe in aiming for the stars and making it happen.


The inspiration behind this book started long ago. However, the peak time I can remember was walking through the rice fields in Ubud feeling so in love with life. I was rewiring my brain and remembering so many things that my soul had long forgotten. I started seeing life differently, feeling it differently, listening to people and conversations in a whole new way…and my lenses, the way in which I saw life changed. And so, I wanted to share this, with the whole world.


My grandmother had past two days ago. I had left a silent retreat after being for more than a month there. And life was a whole new experience. Just like that picture I had going on in my memory of J.K. ROWLING, I went to a nice little Italian café and started writing there…this is where the story begins.

That was the first draft. And it was still not the moment. I realized after finishing chapter 3 (handwriting. That’s right, I write everything by hand first) – that the words and story I was telling was nice, but it was not from a place of forgiveness. YET


I had to continue my own journey towards self-forgiveness and others, to re write and re start from a place of presence and consciousness.


It took me around 2 years to write the book. With stops and pauses in between. I had what’s is called as “writers block” more than once and experienced a whole Impostor syndrome 101 before finishing it. Lucky me at that time, I was committed to a Health coaching mastermind group with other colleagues from NZ/AUS and they backed me up, supported me, encouraged, and helped me in ways beyond what they might even now.


One of them won a “Book coaching session” in Australia and decided to gift it back to me. As she knew I was struggling and needed some help. Another one, helped me revel my biggest block, I was waiting for outside validation, when all the validation I needed was inside of me. “I am the only one that can validate myself” said one of my notes in my writing desk in Stewart Island. My partner also really supported me, always thinking that I would become a best seller and would be writing book after book (HEY, STILL AFTER THAT DREAM!)


So yes, I HAVE OTHER books in mind, and I have already started the draft for my second one…If I can share something, is that again, it will be a book that will help you. It will help you get things done, courageously going for them, embracing mistakes, and releasing the need to be perfect.


My schedule when writing my book, and after checking with the book coach, was quite strict. I had to write every day (hand of course) at least for 30 minutes at 11.11. If it was more, then great, less than that, I would still sit down and wait for those 30 minutes in case any idea came up. I also started playing a little bit. Cause, I don’t like it when things get sooooo serious that I stop enjoying. That was never the plan, or the purpose behind the book. So, I had all these huge POST IT NOTES, and small ones, and heart shaped ones, and stars… And I did a detective board. I guess I had seen this before in several movies and always thought what a good idea it was. Got my titles, got the subtitles, got the quotes and Dr’s and lessons and coaching tips that I wanted to share. And started linking them all. Sometimes at 11.11 I would stare both the board and my blank page – and many times meditate rather than write. I was committed and this was my non negotiable time – no clients, no walking, no calls, no interruptions. My coach back then really agreed and said that my planning and steps towards writing were fabulous. I just had to finish the book.


Next, making a good story. The one thing I understand as key for making a good story is for the reader, AKA YOU, to relate. To be able to get into those pages and words and feel the understanding beyond your thinking mind – to be able to feel it in your heart. For this to happen, the story, in this genre at least, needs to be genuine. Meaning, the author must be vulnerable enough to share its highs and lows, lights, and obscurities.


My advice to anyone that wants to write a book IS START. Start today after this talk. Don’t be afraid, “Don’t die with your music still in you” like one of my favorite teachers (and another of my inspirational quotes while writing you are this instant” Dr Wayne Dyer said. 


Suggestions, get a coach! Get a coach that knows what you’re going through, ideally a book coach to assist you and keep you accountable as you write your book. They can help you from manuscript, to proofreading and copy editing.

September 2022, I got published. I always thought 33 was going to be a big year in life. And it was. I have birth to one of the most longed for dreams and creations I had had for years in my heart and mind. It felt exciting, and once again the impostor syndrome, now 202 hit in. WHAT HAVE I DONE? PUBLISHED A BOOK? WHAT WAS I THINKING OF? WHAT IF SOMEBODY FEELS OFFENDED? WHAT IF NO ONE FINDS IT HELPFUL? Yes, all that…Because, like it usually happens, once you graduate from something, study or become “a writer/ a self-help author/ an inspirational/ motivational speaker: then you must practice it ALL. So that was the time, to grab my book once again *which I’ve read more than 20 times I think between editing, and re writing and book proofing, and REMEMBER IT ALL AGAIN. The confidence, the dreams, the words I tell myself, the silence and the space, the no need to rush…


My publishing process I guess like with any new author was a bit of a steep learning curve. I did a master class on writing and publishing with a best seller author, which was a great call…and did my research, but honestly, until it started, I KNEW NOTHING. And it was not at all what I thought. I got plenty of “No’s” because my social media platform is not that big, because I’m not an influencer, or post videos all the time, because I hadn’t published anything before. And for a moment I thought “Well, this must just be for famous or really important people like Barak Obama and Oprah Winfrey” and then, a second voice, the one that had practice so much came in and said, “Well, they had to start somewhere as well, right? All those famous authors, actresses, presidents/ leaders where once someone just like you and me, with their robe and a cup of coffee on a Sunday morning heading out of the house to check the mail.”  And that was it, that was the decision that I WAS GOING TO MAKE IT HAPPEN. Whether I had to self-publish or get a publisher that would accept me, which I did. So, I called Blaise, the book coach I told you about before and asked her for another meeting to discuss publishing. She happened to have a small publishing business in Australia for authors like me, and after reading the first chapters of my book she said she would happily publish.  I said yes and we proceed. While I was arranging agreements with her a division of a big publisher got in touch to offer me their services, again I called Blaise and asked for advice both from her and my editor, Jessica Waters. They both suggested me to double check cause many first authors are delighted when a big publisher shows up, but many times it means you go to the very back of their shelves and you’re never quite shared with the public. So, I continued with Busy Bird Publishing, and the whole team.



The most surprising thing I learned when creating the book…big question. Well probably how the online selling and amazon works. I guess I had never thought about it before and in my mind, there was a big shed filled with books that were delivered once you pressed “add to cart” lol.


When I am not writing I love reading, walking in nature, going out for long walks is one of my key tools and way of keeping myself active, clear mind, focused, stress free. I also love cooking, healthy cooking actually and exercising (learning new exercises). I find meditation to be one of the most powerful tools together with friendship, social connections, and JOY. I like to practice being a happy, peaceful, present BEING.


Before we close, I would like to acknowledge everyone that was a part of this dream:


  • Mariana “Pajarito Art”: for her commitment and discipline, for her channeling these beautiful illustrations beyond each word.
  • Busy Bird publishing Team: for all their support, patience and endless answers to my emails and questions.
  • My editor, Jessica Waters: for her honesty, her amazing work and understanding of what I wanted to communicate.
  • To my friends, all my friends: for they have been an endless source of support and love, and here they are, by my side and holding my hand.
  • My parents, mom, and dad: for their support, for giving me the confidence as a kid to have dreams, and to make them happen.
  • My stepdad: for he is always here to help me in any way and would not miss this event for anything in the world.
  • My dear brother: a true inspiration, my mirror, and a one-of-a-kind soul.
  • My partner: for he has always believed in me and continues to do so. Thinking every day, I will become a best seller author.
  • Our kids: for they remind me how to live here and now, all the time.
  • Frankton Library: for giving me the opportunity to present my book on the World Celebration book day 202- Festival of Authors.


To you, my dear reader, for whom I’ve written every page. For being here, for showing up with courage and responsibility, for believing that change can happen and wanting it to make it happen.


With all the love in the universe and looking forward to crossing paths again, to share our lessons and struggles, and how we overcome them. To become a catalyst for change in a world that truly needs it.




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  1. Thank you very much for your feedback and comments! I look forward to hearing more from you and sharing this space for growth and expansion

  2. After I originally left a comment I seem to have clicked the -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox and now every time a comment is added I recieve four emails with the exact same comment. Is there a way you can remove me from that service? Many thanks!

    1. Hi, firstly thank you very much for your original comment. We will resolve this as soon as possible and I apologize for any inconvenience. Wishing you a great day! x Sol

  3. May I simply say what a comfort to discover somebody who genuinely knows what they are talking about over the internet. You actually understand how to bring a problem to light and make it important. More people ought to check this out and understand this side of the story. I cant believe you arent more popular because you surely possess the gift.

    1. Thank you so much for your beautiful, honest words. I trust that what my heart has to say and where the experience can help someone change or motivate them to do so, it will. And in due time the universe will show me how to expand the message. So grateful for your support! x Sol

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