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Anxiety relief

Anxiety is something that affects most of us. How to understand it, why it affects us and overcoming it. In our fast-paced and demanding world, anxiety has become a prevalent challenge affecting many individuals. This is why I created the “Anxiety Detox” workshop aiming to provide you with valuable insights into the nature of anxiety, […]

The Way Forward from Dieting: Embracing a Balanced Lifestyle

Why dieting all the time is not good. And what can I do instead.  Instead of falling into the cycle of perpetual dieting, a more effective and sustainable approach to weight management involves embracing a balanced lifestyle. A balanced lifestyle is going through all the different areas of your life (and health) and looking at […]

I am constantly dieting and I don’t lose weight 

Taking care of your nutrition does not mean you need to be on a diet all the time   Trust me, I know what it is to be constantly dieting.  To be searching for the latest most magical and miraculous diet.  To be so self conscious about what you’re eating, that you are not even […]

Alcohol is not good for me, how can I stop binge drinking this year?

  Alcohol is not good for me, how can I stop binge drinking this year? Tips for reducing or stopping alcohol consumption  I get it, it’s hard.  In a world that often glorifies alcohol consumption, where all social interactions and celebrations are around alcohol, acknowledging that it may not be good for you is a […]

If you don’t change, nothing changes

We all get to a point where we realize, it’s time to change.   However, our limited mind sometimes may find excuses, doubts and ways to keep us away from change. “After all, it’s not that bad” “Why not stick to this habit for a bit longer..” “Change sounds good, but it’s too hard” When […]