Health and Wellness coach

If you don’t change, nothing changes

We all get to a point where we realize, it’s time to change.   However, our limited mind sometimes may find excuses, doubts and ways to keep us away from change. “After all, it’s not that bad” “Why not stick to this habit for a bit longer..” “Change sounds good, but it’s too hard” When change knocks at the door of the soul, you’ll probably find yourself dancing between excuses and arguments why not to attend a new show while telling your friends and family that “you have to do something different”. If it’s true that we are creatures of habit, then change doesn’t seem to be something so easy or natural for us. Yet, we can all, I MEAN ALL, change. Nature, our environment, kids, grandparents, jobs, where you are now, emotions, everything… It all keeps on changing. The question is whether you’re showing up to those changes with consciousness, or just acting and being on repeat mode. AND, most of us, live our lives on repeat mode, going to the closest supermarket, buying the easiest things to cook, getting to a quick fix exercise routine if that’s even on the list, netflix or amazon prime, and constantly opting for the same habits, even when they seem to be unhealthy or not elevating our experience. Where the unfamiliar meets consciousness is where magic happens. Yes, that’s right. In order to create something new, a real change, you need to choose what you haven’t been doing – something that challenges your spirit and soul and brings in the excitement. Travelling is a clear example of this, if you go to a new place, another language, scenery and culture…then you’re letting yourself be in the unfamiliar….and what usually happens when we travel is that we re connect, we feel the magic of the place, we take time for sunsets and exploring, we even dare to get lost sometimes. Now we don’t always need an airplane ticket and a passport, change can also happen within. Within oneself, in your own house and home country. And it doesn’t have to be complex either. Exploring the unknown and letting the magic in is not as hard as our minds my suggest; it just different. A great way to create inner change, and you’ve probably read this before, is through meditation. That’s right, that famous and always repeat word, meditation. The thing with meditation is that it can keep on showing up as something you “should” try or do, suggested by youtube and all your social media ads, maybe a random conversation or friend that has just finished a retreat..BUT, and I don’t usually use the word BUT; you won’t know what it actually is, means and how it can change you until you experience it. Books are great, I read loads of them, podcasts are an awesome way to get some info into your thinking brain..AND you need to try meditation in order to see the advantages, and the CHANGE WITHIN AND INSIDE that it will bring. I’m daring you then, will you try it? Start a meditation practice, 10-20 minutes. Whatever comes first, or what your intuition goes for. GIVE IT A GO! You won’t regret getting this one way ticket to a new real, something different where the magic you might have been looking for will show up INSIDE ♥️