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I can’t exercise is simply an excuse – PART I

I know you probably don’t like the title, being told that your “I can’t” is an excuse, but I want to be open and honest with you, as once upon a time I used the same excuse, simply because I was not in love with my exercise routine and the benefits, energy and flow that this brings into life. Part I of this post is about exploring one of the excuses I mostly hear from clients, specially women, busy business owners and mothers, when it comes to exercise and trtave. “I don’t have enough time with everything I have to do” or “I travel too much and when I am travelling I cannot establish a routine”   LET’S HACK THAT.   Why YOU CAN and HAVE TIME, only you’re not seeing it. You are probably an early riser, part of the 5AM Club or close it. Meaning you wake up when kids are asleep, when you’re business still has the “CLOSED” sign up and when important emails and messages are not yet coming through. If this is the case, there’s no best way to start the morning and walking up the body than with exercise. You can go for a brisk walk, run or simply hit your HIIT routine or mixed vinyasa flow outside. If you have a Gym you go to, they all have great classes for early starters. This will not only get this task done and dusted, but bring you some extra energy that you’re not expecting, even more than the morning coffee you are used to. When travelling, either if you’re travelling inside the country or overseas, there’s always great opportunities to move. If you are driving your car around, stop after 2 hours sitting in a nice area and go for a walk. You can still have that meeting or important phone call, only you’re moving and not keeping to more hours in sedentary pose, AKA sitting down. If you have to plan ahead, then add one hour to your travelling schedule and try to go and walk around new probably just hit the GO button in your maps and never stop to cherish somewhere new. This is your chance! Overseas? Visiting family or friends, this has been me for the last 2 months and because my family lived abroad, usually happens during the year. What I do is I go to the nicest gym in the area, and start with a trial class. Trial classes are usually less expensive or half price and will give you the sense of the gym. If I like it, I will join for a week (if that’s all the time I have in the area). I add this as part of my budget. This trial class is something you can also do in more than one gym or yoga studio, try to have at least 3 sessions a week of any type of movement even if you’re in europe and walking all day… Your body and mind will appreciate it, plus you’re starting to train your brain into liking gym and workouts on holidays..and I promise you that training will have more benefits than you expect! Staying in hotels for work? Almost all hotels have at least a small gym, if not a highly equipped one. And this is where all those nike workouts and youtube HIIT trainings are great. Choose your favorite one, if you have a tight schedule just go for 20-25 minute routine. “I can’t really, I don’t have time”  I am sure that if you use the facebook/ insta/ social media time you’ll have more than 25 minutes.  Put on some good music, make the gym yours and go for it. If they have a spa and pool, then try to extend your routine for an hour and make your body movement routine part of your holiday pleasure and enjoyment. The key is that you’ll be doing something you might not like as much, during a moment that your living life (holidays) and your mind will notice it. Start with one or all of these tips and see how you go. The intention here is repeating exercise and incorporating it as part of your life so much, that you end up loving it and then all you want to do once you get off the plane and check in to your hotel is hit the gym.   I will be sharing more tips on how to fall in love with your exercise routine and want it so much, that it becomes an enjoyment and less of a burden. Stay posted. And please comment if this helps or if you find it useful or if there’s anything else youd tried and worked!   Yours in health, Sol