Certified Health Coach & Nutrition Expert

Sol Pineda is an Integrative Nutrition health Coach, wellness advocate, Yoga and Meditation certified teacher, Reikist, business woman, economist and passionate cooker.

Sol’s passion around health and food has taken her to explore worldwide communities and cultures, learning with an open and dedicated heart about different needs and individual lifestyles.

Her desire to work “For the good of others” has taken her to go further than the conventional yoga experience, immersing herself into volunteering and discovering the endless gratitude that comes with supporting others. 

Further down the track, this took her to become a health coach in order to integrate all her different studies into a complete piece to share with all. Sol speaks more than one language and has studied different nutritional and holistic wellness approaches together with her background in business. Her programs are ideal for anyone that is looking for a one to one personalized health coaching support and guide on the side. Each client is different and Sol makes sure to give each one an individual program that works with their own goals.


”Having tried myself a lot of different diets and approaches, I believe that the body knows by itself how to go back to it's own balance. Diets tend to start on a Monday and finish by next Wednesday, that’s why we will explore deeper behavioural changes together, where cravings may come from and how to address them, relationships and lifestyle for a continuous healthy, happier life.”


Sol started as a wellness entrepreneur in her early twenties delivering organic and healthy products to a wide range of businesses and individuals in Buenos Aires city.  Soon enough with her passion to cook she started a Healthy meal prep plan that reached houses and businesses on a weekly basis with clean and innovative recipes that everyone loved.

She studied and obtained her degree in Economics in the University of CEMA Buenos Aires, Argentina and developed her career with a number of complimentary courses in trading, project management and consulting.

Other certification on a more holistic area include Reiki I & II, Ayurvedic cooking, 200 Hr Hatha and Raja Yoga Instructor certified by the Yoga Alliance, 100 Hr Yoga for Kids and Families Certified by Yoga Alliance, Meditation, Aromatherapy studies and certified Health Coach by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. 


Understanding the importance of continuously depending her knowledge and studies Sol can be called a student for life. Always with a book or new release, you will see her passion and mind going for more in order to give more. Nowadays that has brought her to deepen her studies in the gut brain connection and how to make her clean recipes gut approved. 

Sol has always cooked with HER soul. 

For those who have known her for years, they can tell you how there’s never been one dish, meal or smoothie she hasn’t made with her soul and heart.

She believes in clean, healthy food made with real ingredients - if it can grow in the back of your house, then its real! 

Cook with soul is a series of classes made into a course to bring you all the greatnesses that clean eating has in a fun, simple, creative, supportive way.

Stay in tune with her workshops with working moms and nutrition in families as well as her “Gut approved “ recipes.

CookwSOUL_Mesa de trabajo 1 copia.png


Sol loves to connect with every individual on a personal level. Wherever you are today, she strongly believes that together is better, and therefore is here for you. Send her a message or @solpinedawellness.

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