• Sol Pineda

Why Nutrition is So important in this Unprecedented Times

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

An interview summarized in simple, integrated words

I was talking the other day with a dear friend, a beautiful mind and journalist from Argentina who is exploring all this different views and opinions about the COVID-19 from women all around the world with various expertises and orientations.

I was shocked to listen that no one had mention anything about the importance of nutrition yet. And so, with a tender smile she asked me, why do you think food is so important when it comes to a virus like this?

The first two words I could think about where IMMUNE SYSTEM. Where everything happens, starts and assures our continuity. Our precious immune system is the one that guards our bodies from external “attacks” or non recognised aliens that enter our body.

I talked about the gut - it is known that 70% of our immune cells are produced in our gut (as well as serotonin an other cell production), which means our “defences” depend on a balanced microbiome and “happy gut”.

When something X enters the body, lets say a chocolate chunk cookie that you’ve just taken out of a package from boredom or anxiety of being inside your house all day; the body has to activate a response to the components of this food that could be a threat. This is where the process of inflammation starts. Inflammation is in other words a defence response, an accurate one also - and is supposed to turn on when something is not recognised coming in, and then turn off.

Unfortunately, given to our modern diet, chemicals, and the process that food goes through nowadays, our systems are activating this inflammation response on a constant basis, that means never turning it off. This is the so famous and mother of “no good”, chronic inflammation.

Chronic inflammation leads to obesity, diseases or various types such as heart disease, diabetes and auto immune diseases. So, if we start again and ask the question why is food so important in an area of a pandemic virus spreading around…Well, the answer is quite short, and quoting the famous Hypocrites “May thy food be your medicine, and medicine be thy food”

Your kitchen, what you cook and how you cook it, what you consume and with which mindset you do so may change and empower your whole immune system, balance your gut microbiome and aid in the production of immune cells that instead of fighting non recognisable foods, will actually be prepared to fight and spend that energy when something else happens.

If all these sounds new and you are not sure where to start, the main thing would be to re consider your sugar intake and processed foods. Sugar in a way feeds the “bad bacteria” in your microbiome, creating and imbalance and feeding also other yeasts such as candida. Sugar is nowadays hidden in so many ways that it requires a little bit of becoming a Lab experiment researcher or scientist in your kitchen - sauces, dressings, breads (Even the I look healthy ones), beverages (low sugar ones included), packages of biscuits or cookies (even savoury ones), canned foods and pre made meals may all contain sugar - sometimes disguised or names in a different way to divert attention.

Therefore, the call is to stay tuned and pay attention! Pay attention to what you buy and which are the ingredients of each product, even when sold or advertise as “healthy”, “light” or “good for you and your family”. The Rule of 5 suggest that:

  • If in the first 3 ingredients there is sugar, then choose another one and choose again

  • If there are more than 5 ingredients, then is probably a lot of what you don’t want

  • If there 5 first ingredients can’t grow in your garden, or your neighbours or mine - meaning you don’t recognise them as something that comes directly from nature, then choose again

Processed foods and sugars can be easily replaced by vegetables and whole foods - meaning foods that are directly coming from mother nature instead of a plant or production industry where they lack light (prana), life and love.

You may be surprised and find that not only your budget is much more reasonable than when you buy processed foods (Cheap first, but really addictive) but also how you are nurturing your body keeps you satisfied for longer, with more energy, and investing for the future in terms of your health. The food you choose today, every choice that we make has an impact on our body now, and for what is to come. More vegetables and fruits, and whole foods, clean sources of protein, less chemicals and additives and processed foods will mean a healthier, stronger, happier gut, body and mind.

I would love to expand on this last one, as food and what we eat does also affect our mind and state of being - that meaning if you are consuming highly sugary foods and processed packages of addictive chips and biscuits, sauces and so on - your mind will be fed with wanting more. That addiction provoques anxiety, and if you where already feeling a little bit anxious about being inside your house and uncertain about the future, with all this thoughts and time to give them more room and power, then it will be less probable to find a calm moment and relaxing your body.

Your soul, if we take it to a more integrative perspective, will also be impacted by your choices - as our bodies Do Know, DEEP down and beyond all the marketing and mind food we consume, what we really need and want. There are emotions associated to eating a whole package of chocolates and junk food, such as guilt, fear, resentment that are different to when we consume whole foods. These emotions do impact our health as well, as many times rise the cortisol levels in our body. Something that is not taught enough I feel but happens to so many woman around the worlds is eating something, with the fear or guilt that this processed food will make me fat. When we eat with these type of emotion, we are not only giving our body non nutritional foods but we are also feeding ourselves with thoughts of fear and not feeling enough. This stress that is provoked does not allow for proper digestion, as the body can’t do both at one - it can only stress or digest.

We ve seen briefly how food choices, what happens in our kitchen and nutrition can be really important when it comes to keeping yourself strong and in health. I hope this short insight in “Why nutrition and taking doble care, or starting again with your food choices during this unprecedented times” helps to take into account, and specially into ACTION how you can prepare and empowering your immune system.

If you would like to talk further or schedule a meeting together, to go through what you are consuming nowadays or wish to transform please send me an email to hello@solpinedawellness.com

This is a time for all of us to go within and inside, to take care and act in different ways - an opportunity to see your whole body and being and treat it in a conscious, caring way.

With love and in health


Sol Pineda 

Your Health Coach