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Updated: Apr 21, 2020

My motto during the past last years has been to go slow, while I go with my soul.

I used to run a busy, full on life - Big city, nice loft, lots of going out and a joyful social life; also heaps of bills, a constant rhythm that got me to sleep average 5 hs a day, working long hours in my computer even past midnight, numbers, wages, sleep depleted and nutrient, vitamin and mineral as well. I also felt success at many moments, motivation and the power to get energy out of where one would suspect there was no more.

My life was busy, and happy - yet very very busy in every sense. That usually conducts to a feeling and thoughts, and pace of going quickly, as in a rush - rushing to almost every place and call.

When we are rushing, agitated, stressed about emails and due dates and calls yet to be respond, the body does not differentiate this "threat" and for the cortisol levels produced in our body (stress related) the city life stress and being chased by a lion is the same. My cortisol levels at the moment where high - that was the result in my blood tests, but also part of my awareness even being on that cycle could see that something was not quite balanced.

I have always opted for a different nutrition - one where I hear my body and its needs, even since a little girl. I would give my mom big explanations of why I didn't want to consume milk, and some meats, and how some foods interfered with my digestion. I also have always been a sporty girl, played hockey, loved running, went to the gym, did my cardio... However, that tiny voice inside my head, that one that is plain honest and simple, would tell me this is not it, this is not healthy as it gets.

So, the night of my 27th bday, I remember very clear that super moon celebration by the river, I told myself that this was it; I was choosing again. This time, I was going to choose slow, to follow my soul, even though it took me years or through unimaginable roads I was willing to give it a go, and with my lung and heart full of air, and courage I blew those candles into what would be the beginning of a new chapter of my life.

From that day onwards I started walking, breathing, walking up and doing absolutely everything, BEING, with a slow pace and motion. When in doubt, I listen to my soul, and when I am feeling confident, I also listen to my soul. Is not like I never had a speed up day after that; don't get me wrong - patterns do come back, even when we make strong decision to change. However, when they arise, when any thoughts, rush, feeling of threat by a to do list or social media, the blog, clients, my book starts filling up the jar of little stones, I take a deep breath I remind myself I am Now going slow, and going with all my soul - so things will happen, as they do, and there's is nothing to rush or to fear, Just to Trust.

In this blog you will find some tips and tricks into choosing a healthier, more balanced life - with time to rest and deep sleep, going to bed at 9 and walking up when the sun rises - The Art of Self Care. With time for walks, gentle movement, even when we feel we don't have time. We will explore together time and how to manage it and take the pressure out of that rushing rhythm into a slow one, a 10-20 meditation each day at home or in a park, breathing techniques and having time for home cooking with clean whole ingredients and making simple yet highly nutritious meals for you and our family. We will "see" everything through the eyes of love, and a compassionate heart, and explore The Art of Self Love as we do so. From here we will expand towards relationships and joy and adventuring into becoming our own empowered self loved healer.

In adventuring into this transformational experience, I've learned that the journey is full of everything, and health relies within. As Hippocrates the father of Medicine said "Let the food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food"

When we say food or nurturing is not only food on our plate (Secondary foods) vegetables, greens, fruit and whole foods, but also other things we nurture, need to digest, and fill our bodies with (Primary Foods) ; thoughts, words (communicated or not) feelings, emotions, relationships, breath and spirituality, oxygen through movement and physical activity, our career and finances and the time dedicated to our home environment and doing things for ourselves, for slowing down to listen to our soul.


So I invite you to join me in this transformational journey towards a happier, enough, more balanced self, knowing that you can count on me and get in touch whenever you need - for questions, suggestions or any things that comes up. To share any content that you feel may help someone on the way or inspire them towards a positive behavioral change and keep in mind and heart that together we can create a kidner, more compassionate, joyful world.

With love and in health,


Sol Pineda 

Your Health Coach 



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