This message resonated with me for so long

Updated: Jun 21

YOU ARE THIS INSTANT (my first and soon to be available book)


I travelled with Eckhart Tolle's book and had it on my side table like motels and hotels offer a bible.

What does the now feel like? What is living in the now?

During this time travelling I kept on asking myself these questions. And all i did, instead of answering, during those days, was live in the now. The questioning was so powerful that the answer was my day to day experience, my every morning and breathe. If i wanted to do yoga, I did. If I wanted to walk to somewhere new and explore with an adventurous soul, I did. If I felt like staying in and just breathe, read or do nothing, just be, I did. If i felt like doing my thing for the world was volunteering, offering a hug to stranger or a smile, I did.

Living in the moment became more than an answer to a question.

It became my reality...

This, however, does not mean I stuck to this same way all the way. I came back to New Zealand, found my place and partner in the world, settled, started a business, said yes to a beautiful family..and the list of to do's and tasks started to increase.

And just like the jobs and tasks increased, my moments of being in the now started to change. I questioned myself, have I not learned anything? Am I going again to past behaviours and patterns..and then I realised. The now in The Now has changed too. And this will be a different and unique way to navigate it.

This is how my book started.. with this message that kept on resonating with me

"I believe a part of your consciousness is living moment to moment, with full awareness and presence, through every step of your life. We may forget this sometimes and you may find yourself caught up in a story that tells you otherwise. It could be a romantic and beautiful story, or a drama-based one with fear and uncertainty. However the story looks it doesn’t really matter, the fact is it might have the capacity to take you out of this present moment, from this instant. And this my friend and soul adventurous traveller, is what we are going to experience and return to again and again during our journey together throughout this book"


Hope you will enjoy this guide as much as I did. The creation took many instants lol moments. And now, its ready for you to discover what taking conscious action looks like.

I'll leave you with one of my favorite quotes:

Make time for yourself, to make the REAL changes you want to in your life. - Sol Pineda

With love and abundant Health

Sol Pineda

Certified International Health & Wellness Coach

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Accredited HCANZA-AC

Certified Yoga Teacher @solpinedawellness Ph: +64 27 274 8562

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