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Raw chocolate truffles

Let’s be honest, making your own chocolate truffles is a one way ticket to anyones heart ♥️ and here it’s all about conquering yours and re gaining all your love

If the weekend presents itself with cravings, I will leave you with this beautiful recipe by my friend Jocelyn that touched my heart since the first bite It is easy, simple and divine


Here’s the Raw Chocolate recipe: 100g raw cocoa butter 100g virgin coconut oil (melt together in double pot over water)

add: 1 cup raw cocoa powder 1/4 cup maple or agave syrup 1tsp vanilla essence pinch sea salt taste the mix!

✨divide the mixture into two bowls

then to one of the bowls you can add: 🫐rum soaked cranberries (soak them with some whiskey in advance 1 night before) 🌰almond butter 🌰chopped cashews 🍫 cocoa nibs or any other flavour you wish

⏭use a container such as the ones for ice 🧊 cubes or silicon similar ones an add half the mix in the first bowl 🥣 with half the mix on the second bowl (soaked cranberries and almond butter give these truffles a delicious taste)

🧊place them in the freezer and Wait until they’re ready!!

Hope you enjoy as much as US!

With love and in abundant health,

Arohanui my darling


Sol Pineda 

Your Certified Health & Wellness Coach