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If you had ceviche before you probably know what a Big thing it is in Peru - where many of these ancient recipes and different ways of cooking come from. I had the pleasure to meet Betty and get to know her secret recipe for doing the most amazing ceviche - and now I am replicating it all the way from South America to New Zealand using fresh blue cod that my family caught.


  1. I used 5 fillets of bone less blue cod (fresh if possible) and cut them into cubes 1.5cm approximately (When fish was bought and would not be freshly caught I remember Betty would pass the fish through milk first so that It would not have an extra fishy smell)

  2. Squizz 4 lemons and 3 limes and add the fish to the lemon. Salt and pepper and I like to add some extra tabasco and Betty would add a special powder that comes in asian cuisine, a flavour enhancer - I don't. Let rest minimum 1 hour, the more the merrier

  3. 2 Red onions (Small ones) finely chopped into half moons and added to another bowl with boiling water - let them rest

  4. Boil cook your sweet potatoes. And once they are done and the fish has marinated enough in the lemon transfer to a dish with some of the "tiger milk" juices of fish and onion if you want. Garnish with cilantro ( I avoid it in this one cause my partner is allergic)

Hope you enjoy as much as US!

With love and in abundant health,


Sol Pineda 

Your Health Coach 



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