FOOD = HEALTH ...Why something that started like a passion for myself now feels much more a responsibility and my purpose to communicate

We are all learning, experiencing, understanding and going through a global challenge, pandemia and shift in humanity as a whole.

Talks about medicine, vaccine, hospitals, sickness, number of cases, death are becoming part of our daily vocabulary. These are conversations we have now with friends, family members, through zoom or skype, even with strangers when we enter a shop.

I read and hear more nowadays about preventative steps, and taking the reins of our health through lifestyle and habits. I feel however this is still a work in progress.

Many times, there's shame and guilt in expressing how we feel, what we do, and what we don't. These same shame, guilt or lack of confidence that we can actually make a change, paralyses us and many times leave us at the same point, "I want, but I can't". Many times that is an ongoing internal conversation, an inner voice that is not given a voice, again out of shame or old systems of beliefs.

I talk about food, and the importance of nutrition - because I know I AM STILL working on it - and it is also part of my work in process. I read, write and talk about HYDRATION and the importance of drinking good quality water and having a filter, because even when I've given some steps in that direction, THIS IS STILL my work in progress. Spirituality and meditation, being a yoga teacher and practicing for so long, having devoted years to understanding the practice, and again IT IS STILL A PRACTICE, where I need to show up, and sometimes its hard.

Life can feel overwhelming and all of the things surrounding health and lifestyle way too hard, complicated or difficult to address. Your body and mind may have been trying to communicate something and yet that channel needs more polishing, clarity and listening. You probably know what you need in terms of nutrition, or what is the main thing that your overall health may require now - and it feel so damn hard.

Well, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. There's nothing to be ashamed of, or run away from. We can only change, one step at a time, opening our eyes, and willing to let new things come in, and others go as they don't serve us anymore.

As you ask someone for financial advice and an accountant to keep track of your bills and taxes, a plumber or carpenter for those things that are too hard, a real estate officer when you want to purchase a house - the same applies to your body, its nutrition and the advice and help you can receive from someone to keep you on track to where you want to get. There's nothing to be afraid of, YOU CAN feel better within and without, work and keep on working with love, and less pain, with acceptance and listening and less avoiding and procrastinating. This, is why I LOVE working with my health coach, to keep me accountable of my own word and will, even when I know, even when I study, even when I do - because there is always a little bit more we can add, and let go.

With love and in health


Sol Pineda Wellness

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