More love less weight looks like this to me ❣︎ JOY Every day

For years weight JUST represented stress to me, and the result of that stress was always more weight.

My body would swing in between more and less weight, and my mind was always in the concerned, or Fear zone when it came to my body weight.

Diets, counting calories, this yes that not, extreme exercise, new trendy “loose weight” recommendations- I feel probably a lot of you might relate to this stressful “NEVER ending” battle in your mind..

Even knowing about which are the “right” or good foods and always being into the healthy cooking lifestyle - I was not focusing on the main thing, LOVE- having a Loving relationship with Food ❤︎ and understanding that there is no such thing as right or wrong, just observing myself and understanding what my body really needed.

Becoming a health coach meant many things - one of them and the one I mostly celebrate with myself was the understanding of food as a nurturing loving relationship - learning to love my body, decisions and listening - understanding cravings and emotional eating and Working on this relationship with commitment, honesty, support and caring

I am know developing a course where we will go through all of the things I’ve studied and learned, and experienced with myself and clients. Leaving aside constant concerns and that inner chat 💭 that says you are not enough: beautiful enough, skinny enough, successful enough into a transformational mind set of acceptance and self love

Just by changing this way of thinking and talking to yourself, results will show up. Words of love will attract acts of love. And so whatever you are feeding yourself with on and off the plate will be less stressful, more peaceful and eventually a JOYFUL relationship with your body and life; AND FOOD - which is a basic part of life.

Food doesn’t have to be something you are scared about, doubt or don’t understand. Transforming and creating a powerful relationship with food can be a journey of months, years, maybe even a decade like it was for me. We all have our fears and beliefs to overcome, I do want you to know That IT IS POSSIBLE and that you can transform your life and view towards food.

If you have been on a never ending path, dieting and looking at yourself in the mirror just not feeling enough, I invite you to join my next group coaching where we will focus on more love, and less weight, And by less weight I mean both in our bodies and our minds.

Many times ideas and thoughts, our own stories become “SO HEAVY” that this weight can be felt on our back, our tummy, thighs and hips. It’s like if all of those thoughts and emotions that come from a deep part of the non acceptance of ourselves, also express its pain through our weight.

Having gone through these roller coaster of emotions and weight, and learning to love myself, what I see in the mirror, my curves, and my healthy weight I have developed a 6 Months Group Coaching Program to holistically and naturally transform that weight into love.

Why a group coaching? Well, support is essential when it comes to going through changes, evolution and the understanding that actually you are not alone in this journey, You are loved, and cared for and therefore you are safe to do the same with yourself. Sharing stories and our experiences, the “Yes, I’ve achieved this” or the “oh well, this one did not work” makes us connect with our humanity and oneness, the fact that we are actually all together in this experience and that we can all benefit from each other words, support and accountability, create safe bonds and talk from and honest and genuine space and place.

The Group will meet every 2 weeks for 75 minutes online, there will be a guide and exercises we will be working with and myself as your guide on the side and health coach for doubts, support, celebrating accomplishments and presenting new ways to explore your weight and self love. Our groups will be maximum 6 participants so that we can all have time and our own space to talk.

If something here rings a bell, but you are not sure about it or you want to learn more please join me on my next FREE WORKSHOP “ MORE LOVE LESS WEIGHT” on the 11th August - More info on my website, instagram and facebook page.

ALSO IF YOU BRING A FRIEND TO OUR GROUP HEALTH COACHING YOU’LL GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT, 100 NZ OFF!! THIS DISCOUNT will only be open if you register during the month of august, so hurry up!!!

Please contact me today for more information or to have a private call and get to know each other even more

With love and in health, and so looking forward to this new transformational experience about to begin!!


Sol Pineda Wellness

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