How I talk to Myself

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

The words, images and things we tell to ourselves create our mindset and reality

Do you often tell yourself - Good morning sweetheart, I love you! Or remind yourself why you love yourself for: your body and legs and the fact that you can walk everywhere, you mouth and the beautiful words that may come out of it, your arms for those huge hugs you can give, your heart for those feelings of kindness, compassion and generosity that you have...

The words we use, how we refer to our beings, I am this, or I was that, Or I always do this where...can we filled and charged with a judging energy that does not contribute in whichever thing we want to change or feel we can progress towards a happier state.

Can you notice a certain discomfort when you say "I am so stupid", "I am such a failure", "I am fat", "Here I am doing this to myself again". When judgment appears you may stop, observe and re phrase yourself...

Is there such thing as being stupid, or maybe it's something you can still learn to manage or expand in? Are you a failure because you haven't achieved a certain goal or specific thing or can you see and congratulate yourself for all the other greatness you've done? Are you fat or is this a choice in nutrition you could work on, explore and learn to listen to what your body really wants? Can you identify a pattern in yourself, and I you can and are willing to change maybe write down a list of how you could do things differently from an empowered, trustworthy place?

It all starts with a thought. Or with a word. Or an image that we place in our minds - so next time you catch yourself talking with words that don't come from love, go back to how would like to be treated by anyone and everyone, to remembering that judging is something hard that comes from fear, whereas love and acceptance embrace and understand.

Try to do an exercise or be aware of how you actually talk to yourself. Do you really mean this things that you tell yourself in silence, thinking that no one is hearing? You are, so you can choose to listen to words of love, talk to yourself with love and dream and visualise through it.

You may use positive affirmations, try mirror work, journal your thoughts or record them, and talk about this with your coach. A change in the words and self image you are creating towards yourself may just be the "it" you were looking for to love your body more, lose those extra pounds, achieve a certain goal at work and communicate with no negativity.

If you wish to talk about this in our next session or something is coming up, please feel welcome to share with me.




With love and in health


Sol Pineda 

Your Health Coach 


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