How about a Moment of AWARENESS and Integrated Health?

I confess, I shut my mouth for way too long I’ve chosen silence many times in my life.

This is not the first time.

Silence is where I find peace. Where I’ve learned to truly listen to myself. Where I’ve healed and learned about true discipline and practice

I’ve chosen silence lately because I believe that US VS YOU / PRO VS ANTI / WE AND THEY only causes more separation. And when we feel separate we don’t feel ONE and integrated.

When we feel separate we judge, we condemn, we hide and feel shame, we go into guilt motion and mainly we vibrate in fear. Everything that comes from feeling separate comes from a place of fear.

This blog post is not about being anti or pro anything. This writing is about AWARENESS - about becoming and being aware of who you are. Of your health, of what being empowered and in tune with health and wellness means. And what is the opposite - and the opportunity that we all have every single day to change and choose INTUITIVELY and mindfully what is best for your body.

I am an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, I’ve graduated with a leadership award from IIN and have created a business that has helped more than a 100 clients around the world in 18 months - moms, business owners, men in need of guidance, young people that want to understand more about their health and nutrition and spirituality, people from all over nz that have attended my workshops and retreats. More than being a certified coach, yoga and meditation instructor and soon to be animal flow instructor I am also a human being LIKE YOU, like her, like us - all of us - with a mission. My mission has always been around health, always - since I’m a very young girl

I’ve studied holistic therapies such as reiki being a young soul, I’ve spent years doing yoga and meditating and learning about all the different types of foods and ways to balance our bodies and energies. These has always been in “my cards”, this is my destiny and I choose it every single day

I don’t believe anyone knows it all. I’ve had many teachers and masters and gurus, and true enlightenment - awareness and understanding comes from a different place than knowing it all. It comes mainly from knowing how to listen to it all, how to truly listen - and ask. Ask it all, so that the person in front of you becomes empowered and answers. A great teacher, a spiritual leader will know what questions to ask you. And therefore guide you towards your own true and understanding

Lately I’ve read about all these cities where citizens were offered a full burger and fries and bacon buttie / sandwich or donuts/ FREE FISH AND CHIPS IT READ to go and get medical support/ assistance for COVID. And I just want to ask you, do you feel this is right? Is this real and aligned with what your immune system needs? Does this feel like healthy to you?

Behind our ministers of health (here and there) wherever you are, there is a lot of knowledge and science based research and understanding. And this is great, this is a part of what “the evolution” of humanity has had on their side. This brought us to where we are today, good or bad, where people with certain illness or disease can go to the doctor and come out feeling better, having the opportunity to recover and heal.

However, as everything in life - REAL CHANGE, taking the reins of your life and health depends on YOURSELF. On your true listening and understanding of what your body needs. Of taking that one moment before falling into marketing and advertising from big food companies and everything that looks tempting and easy, pre made and pre packaged, deep fried and full with sauces and sugar - and asking yourself WHAT DO I REALLY WANT?

And if you take a moment to listen, to truly ask and listen - your body will tell you. It might say water, or movement, or it may want something more consistent and goods fats - and the you can easily make your way to whole nutritious foods that support your needs and immune system.

Cravings that take you towards fast foods and greasy fatty meals give you a high - yes! Like any drug and then the LOW comes. Learn to choose with an INTEGRATIVE approach, to take a moment to decide WHAT AND how YOU want to improve your health, to think in a functional way that supports all the aspects of your health!

JUST BRING CONSCIOUSNESS and awareness to each moment, thought and decision - there’s no right or wrong, it’s about learning to LISTEN and KNOW THAT YOU CAN PROGRESS. That you can change and get out of fast and non supportive foods, choose whole non processed meals and nutritional foods that will keep you and your gut, your brain and your whole being happy.

In the hope that this will bring you awareness and understanding that the answer is INSIDE yourself, that we are an integrated system and every single moment MATTERS.



Sol Pineda

Your Health Coach


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