Holistic Beauty ~ from the inside out Part I

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

I heard a long long time ago that spiritual women are the most sexy, attractive, confident women of them all...

And to be honest, I was shocked by this statement.

It got me to think. Is that so? Is spirituality in any way linked with beauty or sexuality?

With the course of the years I have became my own experiment; and have arrived to the conclusion that there is definitely a link between spirituality and beauty. First I started seeing it in the day to day "mirror work". Getting home after a long day of work, training (cross-fit at the moment), socialising and getting to do my spiritual practice. Each day, when I came to see myself in front of the mirror, there was something that would be changing constantly, and it was not that I was becoming younger in terms of my birth of date, but what was going on in the inside of my body was definitely mutating into something else.

I started noticing that I felt and walked in a more attractive way. It could be leaving those adolescent years and starting to feel more confident - or as I would later write; it was the realisation of my own humanity, of the extraordinary beauty that we are, that I am, that we all are, that is waiting for us to unravel inside just by a mear peep and exploration of our spirituality.

After leaving long silent retreats or periods of meditation, every one would be looking at me, even strangers while crossing the street at a light stop, "amazed" with this glow, this lights around my face and skin, the alignment of my body ~ out of the blue, someone at a shop or cashier would remind me of this beauty; and I would just be amazed by this synchronicity.

As it usually does, this realisation started with opening the yes to my own truth - although not long afterwards I started to see this in friends, people I've just met, family members, teachers.

Everyone became beautiful. Everyone, each one of us, is so beautiful in the eyes of love.

And then I understood that phrase "We are all spiritual beings in a human experience" even more.

Inside each one of us theres is this shining light, so beautiful and pure, so lovely, that when we light it up and align with it, it just expresses all around of body as well. This simple act of paying attention to our spirituality can change our fisionomy!

It still amazes me as I write it today.

It's a message I wished sometimes we could understand at a younger age - when being in those difficult, unconfident times at high school and as growing up. When all those insecurities numb the truth that we are.

If I had seen it then, I would probably not entered the path of some difficult parts of the journey with my body, I would have been able to appreciate those loving fat storing places in my little body starting to build up as I was becoming the woman I am today. My sensuality and sexuality expressing way way before other friends; and I would have released the constant thought of comparing myself to others for the acceptance of the simple truth, that I am beautiful, I was beautiful and I will always be. I would probably have explored those years of sex hormones starting to work differently and desires in a whole empowered way - and would urge to tell all my friends and every other woman that I've crossed, Hey, wake up to this truth, you too are so so beautiful and you can't even tell!

But I learned this in my late twenties almost thirty, which is not that bad. And then I started practicing - because those old beliefs and patterns can be really profound, and although once we have an AJA or awakening moment there's no coming back - they do take time to SHIFT.

So for a long time I practiced Louis L Hay's exercises (and I still do) about How to Love Myself. I would highly recommend for anyone resonating with some of these words, to go to her Mirror work exercises and explore How it feels to have a small mirror in your hands, in front of you, and looking yourself at the eyes, each morning as a routine, even before brushing your teeth - as natural as you are when you wake up - Saying, Good Morning, I love you.

My first practice was not easy. I couldn't look myself at the eyes and say I love You Sol - I would just look sideways and justify myself with any noise or thing around. Then I tried again, tears would start running through my cheeks non stop - and all of this, thinking that I did love myself. But I couldn't face it or say it without a feeling of shame and judgment. Without looking at that small mark in my left cheek, or the fact that my mouth is not as symmetrical as...

This tears and the shutting of my eyes where the reflection that there was still work to do. That although I could see my beauty and spirituality and the confidence growing on and on, year after year; there was and there are still old beliefs - perceptions mostly created and sponsored by myself and my mind - to recover from. To forgive.

I forgive myself for any thought or action that I may have taken with my body according to a belief and perception that I am not beautiful.

i forgive myself for any thought or action that I may have told my mind according to a belief and perception that I am not beautiful.

I forgive myself and others for any comment I may have done or received according to a belief and perception that I am not beautiful.

I forgive myself.

And I forgive all.

For I am beautiful.

And so are my thoughts, and beliefs, and perception today.

With love, and hoping that today, or any given day that you need to REMIND Yourself of How beautiful you are, you just go to the mirror and with the kindest loving tone and smile, just tell yourself that You Love Yourself - and Heal Yourself.

And assuring you that whenever you need a friendly voice, or someone to talk about this deep, inner voices that we have - when you feel ready to release those beliefs and feel that shift, here I am - spiritually and humanly, supporting you with love.


Sol Pineda 

Your Health Coach 



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