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COD IS COD, but this is OUT THERE!!

For any protein source, Fresh fish, meat or tofu this fish breaded fillet option is something you'll love

Living a gluten free life can be a challenge, or an incredible opportunity to explore creativity and new flavours, adding whole foods to your diet.

I had these beautiful fillets that my partner got for us with love and gratitude and a few left ingredients on the pantry before leaving on our winter holidays for a short break to main land.

With just one free cage, free range egg (from those chickens on the other side of the island that literally run besides the beach), some fresh parsley, garlic, organic shredded coconut and organic hemp seeds I came up with this new way of "breading" my protein that has now become a favorite!


  1. Lightly whisk one egg and add garlic and chopped parsley

  2. On another bowl mix 1/4 cup hemp seeds and 1/2 cup shredded organic coconut

  3. On a frying pan use one spoon of organic coconut oil and heat it up

  4. Grab one piece of fish (or tofu or other source of protein) and pass it first through the egg and then through your coconut and seeds bowl. You may do it twice for a more consistent breaded fillet.

  5. Once the pan is really heated, cook on each side until brown and fish is done.

  6. Enjoy with a beautiful simple salad of greens, sprout and a nice dressing with cold press olive oil, lemon, dijon mustard, salt and pepper and a dash of sesame oil.

Hope you enjoy as much as US!

With love and in health,


Sol Pineda 

Your Health Coach 



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