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Alkaline Water and Its amazing properties

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Have you ever heard of alkaline water?

Have you ever tried alkaline water?

If you have you probably felt, your body did, its non acidic way of hydrating every cell and part of your composition.

Where I live nowadays, Southland New Zealand - we get rain water. I've always thought "Well, It can't be more pure and free from chemicals than rain water" What I soon discovered was that although this might be true, our water was lacking essential minerals that are not present in the soil here in NZ plus, and most important, rain water can be really really acidic.

Therefore, even during the short period summer lasts, I wouldn't be really inclined to drink as much water as I knew my body needed and my thirst was telling me. This, as it usually goes with me and my loving relationship with my body, took me to explore.. After becoming our own lab researchers kind of thing we discovered that our Rain water has a level of acidity of almost 4.0 (If you have seen this chart at school acid goes from 1-6, 7 being neutral, and above 7 alkaline) - Disease and most of nasty things build up and grow in acidic bodies. Suddenly, acidity and the understanding of food and its alkalinity or not, started to open our eyes. We were choosing really healthy foods, most alkaline ones, but what about water?

We tried a friends alkaline water (9.5) and could tell the difference straight away! This was a kind of water we actually wanted to drink, and our bodies started asking for it instead of rejecting it. As we dig deeper, we learned that some of these machines that produce alkaline water have actually been "imitating" ways for scientists to produce fresh stream "healing" waters that run across parts of Japan and France.

Ages ago travellers and healers used to peregrinate to this streams of healing waters and get rid of disease, illness, discomfort, skin issues, and more. In Japan they've created these miraculous natural form of water at home through a machine!!!

I believe the best way to go, is to try it yourself! Ask around, and if someone in your community or nearby already has their alkaline water machine, get a big 23 lts container as we did and give it a go...I am pretty sure you won't regret it!

Besides the alkalinity, the process of electrolysis performed by the machine means that this water actually reaches all the cells in your body. It doesn't just lie in your stomach as if you had had a heavy meal of burgers and fries - when it's just a big glass of water..this water we'll keep on its ways through all your system and make you feel refresh and re nourished, and mainly well hydrated.

Stay hydrated. Start a challenge today! An amazing friend and health coach with whom we work together to hold ourselves accountable has this great challenge to drink water for a certain period of time, 3 litres at least, every day. I challenge you to drink 1 Gallon of kangen or alkaline water during 15 days, and please do share your results and how you are feeling.


Another proof that beauty, your skin, hair, body and soul will change from the inside out.

With love and in health

May you stay hydrated every day


Sol Pineda 

Your Health Coach