How are your choices, thoughts and feelings of not being enough: slim enough, fit enough, like her or like that impacting those

Around you?

Which is the underlying tone of how and what you tell yourself/ eat and what is this telling you your kids?

I am talking from a first person experience. From being a little girl that probably after the age of 7 or 8 started “feeling” she was not any more that wonderful creation and miracle of life.

The beauty I had and had always had within, was replaced by everything I was listening feeling and seeing around.

Those looks at my curves as they where developing, the adults chats and talks about weight, magazines and sculpt bodies when I went to a Dr’s appointment or dentist…

How should I look then? I probably asked myself first. And instead of listening to the deep truth my heart was saying AS YOU ARE MY DEAR - Unique beautiful precisely now - I listened to the fearful voice of doubt.

Weight became something in my head. An open tab as Dr Libby calls it with so much simplicity and love. Weight then developed into an issue - however slim and beautiful I was I didn’t like this or that about my school skirt and my waist, my growing lines and curves, the development of my body.

As sadly it happens when we get obnubilases by the body image and stress around weight, my being and life become full of doubt -

Instead of trust, as I’ve written before, I doubted my body, every clothes that I used, my skin, my face, my boyfriend at the moment, my capacity and intelligence, I generally doubted myself. All of it.

It took me years to develop a deep trust and understanding that that ONE concept, and belief that I learned since I was a kid was not the truth - but just that, a belief. And that I could Replace it with another one.

I can’t say I didn’t have help on the way - but my biggest ally was and has always been myself.

Nevertheless forgiving those looks and comments and short words that could have been painful or support that doubt, from whoever they came from, parents, friends at school, grown ups and mothers was a huge huge effort and work.

I encourage and I’m conscious of myself; The words, Facial Expression and any “beauty related” comment or thing when I’m around other women and kids. Most specially little girls. Our actions are mimicked copied and taken as truth many times - and truth in beauty is simply health. It’s the loving, kind energy, thoughts, food, moments towards and within yourself

Let’s be conscious together and remind our beings of who we truly are - beautiful amazing divine creations of love

With Love and in health,


Sol Pineda 

Your Health Coach 



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