Other additional

take aways:

•   A private facebook group to create further accountability between your colleagues and pears

•   Recipes to take home ~ Whole clean foods for different body types

•   Access to all of our working material for a lifetime

•   20% discount on future workshops

•   150 NZ Discount on a renewal program with me


Next Group Starts AUGUST/ JUNE 2021 

12 sessions - 2 Session Per month 75 min per meeting - Online Zoom Meetings




•   How to properly approach a DETOX ~ Reset your body•  

Building a loving relationship with food - YOU & FOOD ~ Deconstructing cravings

Detoxing from Judgment ~ towards yourself and others ~ Gut Health ~ Understanding inflammation and the gut brain connection

•   Mindful eating ~ Mindful Life :A holistic approach with calmness and peace

• Approaching movement in a new way

•   Building a system of support to continue your journey in a clean, healthy way 

Introductory session : Before the 6 months program starts we will have a previous encounter to get to know each other and work on Co creating an Agenda for our 6 Months with particular interests and topics each one of us would like to address  ~ Introduction and short questionnaire to get to know each other. Confidentiality agreement and our go to Rules for the 6 months program.

How our 6 Months together will look like:


Theres nothing like committing to yourself, and adding self care and more love into your daily routine.

We will work through achieving your goals and understanding what your body wants to communicate.

We will also explore the transformational shift that happens when we switch our inner voice from fear to love, and start practicing positive affirmations and self talk on a daily basis.

This is not a diet, and you don’t need to be perfect to start, as a good friend said on a group coaching I attended “ Imperfect action creates clarity and clarity creates confidence” We want to build that confidence together so that you can reconnect with who you really are, a loving, beautiful, confident being.

Your body already knows, deep down, what it needs and so do you. Probably you’ve tried things in the past, and that is why you are HERE NOW. To approach food and a healthy lifestyle from a new perspective, building up on this relationship as you would do with your most dear friend.


Month 1: SMART Goals / how we will work together 


Month 2: Detox your body - intro to functional medicine and the 4 r’s program - gut detox 


Month 3: Judgment detox - letting go old judgments and detoxifying the mind 


Month 4: Letting go past beliefs and crowding out old habits - new habits, support group and re creating your healthy life


Month 5: Topic to be chosen by group - demystifying hormones / Communication & Relationships / Sleep support and tools to rest 


Month 6: Your road map to continue with this work of self love in a supporting, accountable way 

6 months program - 2 session per month (Every fortnight) Group and Private sessions 

Live Health Coaching Sessions + Handouts + Exercises and support on how to detox our life

with Love, self care and transformational healing tools