If there is one thing I love to do, is cooking. And where, meaning your kitchen, makes a whole difference. Together with UNICO we've joined to provide you a UNIQUE COOKING EXPERIENCE


If you want to learn and go further on your practice of restoring natural balance & wellbeing while cooking delicious, colorful, heart melting food join me in the next Cooking Workshop - COOK WITH SOUL. 


During the course of our classes you’ll get in tune with yourself while awakening the natural understanding of your body, brain, gut and nutrition. Plus we'll share a table at the end of the night with all we've learned, done and more.


Learn beyond cravings and what the food industry is providing and targeting us with; Explore Cooking Clean, Healthy, Real Food for you and your family. 





You may book ONLINE TODAY or pop in at UNICO ARROWTOWN to reserve your spot! psss, HURRY places are limited and they will go go go

  • A class where you'll learn to cook to impress in a healthy way


    250 New Zealand dollars

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